How I started my journey to Financial Freedom


Let me just set the scene for you. It was 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon and I had just finished jury duty, something that would have a profound impact on my outlook of life and not for the reasons you would think. I didn’t get selected for any trials and we were all let home early. I went to a pop culture store nearby with the intent to buy a comic book for the train ride home. I ended up stopping in a bar close by with chill music playing and a comfortable chair in the corner where I sipped on some scotch on ice while reading my comic. I read through the entire comic and looked down at my watch. 3PM. I was still getting paid for this. Sitting in a bar, reading a comic and drinking scotch. I had no obligations, no time constraints, nowhere I had to be and no one I had to talk to. I didn’t have to worry about money because I was getting paid. It was that moment in my life when I felt the freest. Nothing can really describe that feeling of true freedom. It was like I was completely in control over my life and I could do whatever I wanted. I went back to the comic store, purchased two more books and went back to the bar. I finished another book and another scotch. I saved the last book for the train though.

But all good things come to pass and the next day I was back at work. Up early in the morning and working the grind. Monotonous work that could barely stimulate my brain let alone keep me asleep and all I could think about for that day, no for the rest of the week, was ‘I wish I was at the bar reading my comics.’ That began to stir something within me that slowly began to surface as one of my life’s greatest desires. I wished to once again feel that level of freedom that I had for that one day. From then to now I started to learn, I started to read, I started to figure out how I could make that a reality, from business ventures to cryptocurrency I started getting my hands into anything to start chasing a dream. That dream, to have the freedom to sit in a bar, reading a comic book sipping on some scotch with absolutely zero obligations, zero time constraints and zero worries about money.

This is the story about my journey towards financial freedom. Am I there? No. Will I get there? Definitely. If you really set your mind to something you can do it. There is an old saying that goes along these lines. “You either work really hard when you are young, or you work really hard when you’re old.” Either way, there is work involved, and I’m prepared to work really hard now so I can have the freedom I desire.




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